Realtime video for tele-ops

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AlohaRTC enables low-latency video from connected devices to web and mobile apps in any network condition

Minimize time-to-market. Maximize user experience.

Building reliable video solutions with only a couple frames of latency is very complex.

Web browsers and mobile apps can leverage built-in WebRTC stacks to deliver high-quality video communication, but embedded and edge devices (the "Internet-of-Things") do not have this luxury. AlohaRTC bridges the gap for connected devices. Let us handle the end-to-end video experience, so you can focus on your product and your customer.

Tailored for Embedded Systems

Specifically designed with embedded devices in mind:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2, Xavier, and more
  • Google Coral EdgeTPU
  • Raspberry Pi™
  • ...and more!

AlohaRTC supports most ARM/Linux systems using Ambarella, Video4Linux2, NvMedia, GigE Vision, and similar interfaces.

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Works in Any Browser

Unlike other solutions, AlohaRTC is compatible with modern HTML5 video technology and uses hardware acceleration for smooth video that won't drain battery — without plugins.

Integrates Seamlessly

Our simple SDK makes embedding realtime video into your web app easy. You'll be up and running in minutes.

Encrypted end-to-end

Serious about Security

AlohaRTC uses state-of-the-art Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Encryption for secure, lightning fast connections, even on the most constrained devices.

With a unique X.509 client certificate per device and end-to-end DTLS encryption on every session, not even we can access your video.

Placing our customers first

Some things our customers have shared with us:

AlohaRTC is by far the best and easiest solution I found to get low-latency streaming. I seriously tried to work with Wowza, Ant Media, SimpleWebRTC, YouTube, Twitch, PubNub, uv4l, and at least 4 others which I'm forgetting. AlohaRTC was as easy to get going as Wowza, but immensely better.

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Nick W.
Director at Urban Rivers

Hassle free pricing

Our plans scale as you do. You only pay for the data you actually use, and we'll work with you to find an option that fits your budget.

  • 1 device*
  • 1 concurrent viewer
  • Peer-to-peer video
  • Relayed video via TURN service
  • Email support
* Hobbyist plan only supports Raspberry Pi devices. For other devices, see Pro or Custom plans.
$5 / device / mo
  • Up to 100 devices*
  • 5 concurrent viewers per device
  • Peer-to-peer video
  • Relayed video via TURN service
  • Email support
* Pro plan only supports Nvidia Jetson, Coral EdgeTPU, and Raspberry Pi devices. For other devices, please Contact Us.
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Peer-to-peer video
  • Relayed video via TURN service
  • Priority support
  • Engineering services
  • Discounted pricing per device
  • Service level agreement
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